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Our Films and Programs

The County Theater is a nonprofit, community-based movie theater that specializes in independent, art, and foreign films. We are also one of the region's premier cinema destinations, offering, in addition to our regular programming, a variety of special events including: We also regularly present local filmmakers, film forums and host discussion groups.

How to Find Out When a Film Starts?

Scheduling Main Films - Films play week-to-week from Friday through Thursday. Every Monday we determine what new films will start on the upcoming Friday, what current films will end on Thursday, and what current films will continue for another week. All films are subject to this week-to-week decision making process. These decisions are made after discussions with each film's distributor.

Visit our website or call our hotline - After we decide on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) what new films will start on Friday, we immediately let you know on our Website and on our Hotline (215-345-6789).

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When Will a Film's Run End?

This is most important, since it's about grabbing that last chance to see a film. This decision happens by the same process - we decide on Mondays which films will end on Thursday. We immediately let you know on our Website and on our Hotline. And if you've signed up for our weekly email messages, we'll also inform you that way.