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Digital Cinema has arrived at the County Theater. We installed our new Digital Cinema projectors (and related equipment) on June 25-28. We are delighted with the beautiful new picture and hope that you are too. Let us know what you think.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. Please view our HONOR ROLL of all campaign supporters.

THANK YOU. To everyone who helped make this such a great community-based success. Thanks to 1,045 individual gifts, 86% from members, $310,000 was raised for the Digital cinema Challenge. Thank you for your support when we needed it most – when the future of the County Theater depended on it. Together we have met this challenge and together we are moving into an exciting new digital future.

SPECIAL THANKS. We'd especially like to thank The Argus Fund, which made a very generous gift of $60,000 to the campaign. That gift capped the campaign and guaranteed a full Digital Cinema conversion.

WE SURPASSED OUR CAMPAIGN GOAL. Thanks to your generosity, our campaign raised more than our official goal. All of the money raised has been earmarked for Digital Cinema. It is all needed. Our initial goal of $200,000 was the minimum needed for digital conversion. The additional money raised has allowed a full conversion, including the ability to upgrade resolution from 2K to 4K, new screens, 3D in one auditorium, and other equipment. It will also allow us to fund service, upgrades and replacements. Digital Cinema is entirely computer based and, like all computers, the purchase price is just the beginning of the cost. The success of this campaign will help fund these upgrades and ongoing expenses.

Further Information. We have written up "The County Theater’s Journey to Digital Cinema" in a separate blog post. It’s a guide to converting to Digital Cinema for Art House Theaters. Take a look, if you are interested in more detail.

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